This version is being tested by volunteers. If you would like to join the testing program, please contact me via [email protected].

All the information provided if you click on the links below below, refers to the previous PC version which is currently being updated and should be finished in 2023. If you are interested in this version, please contact me first before downloading anything.

The new online version functions in exactly the same way as the PC version but in the browser. It requires no installation. If you would like to test it without registering as a school, a test version is online here. The test version allows you to create audio, video, picture and webpage exercises.

In the full version, exercises and students' work are saved online in a school year/class/student/exercise folder system and there are six grading systems to suit the requirements of different countries. Corrected and graded work is made available to students on an individual basis.

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A great new tool for computer-based teaching

Un nouvel outil précieux pour l'enseignement assisté par ordinateur

Un nuovo strumento prezioso per l'insegnamento computerizzato

Una nueva herramienta valiosa para la enseñanza basada en computadora

Ein wertvolles neues Werkzeug für EDV-Unterricht